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Sortez à couvert

Thanks to #PrayForParis
but it would be better
to book right now a flight
to the city of lights.

Please leave your church at home,
sit down in a café,
drink some alcohol
enjoy the girls' fashion
and if " sans façon "
one of them to you smiles,
she may well be tempted
to play with your " b(r)aguette "
braless between your arms.

But don't forget that Life
is shorter than her skirt.
Even in the Love's Capital
please wear your cap at (w)hole.

#PrayForParis Hilton

You may  
but you can see alas
what religions have done.

Better book a King Size
at Hyatt's or Motel sex,
get in bed there and play
with your Paris Hilton.


Hommage aux victimes du 13 novembre

La Marseillaise a les chevilles qui enflent

tellement on chante ses louanges

en hommage aux Anges.